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We are in the business for more than five years and in this industry, a five-year experience teaches you a lot about how to deal with family issues and also how to cause little to no damage to your relations.

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We are not the norm; we define success which enables all involved get what they deserve. With our professional attitude, we are sure that you will be one of our success stories.

Our Practice Areas

Divorce & separation

Being in this business, we have to deal with a lot of divorce and separation cases. We have seen it all and we know how to go about the process while benefiting both the parties.

Grandparent rights

Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequent kinds of cases we deal with, where the old parents are thrown out or just harassed. We take these cases are trying to provide justice for those who need it.

Child custody

Divorce or separation is hard not just for the couple, but for the child as well. We make sure that both parents have their rights on the children but also creating minimum damage for children involved.

Domestic violence

This is a criminal offense and we specialize in this aspect as our group of lawyers know how to deal with such situation and the right path go ahead.

Marriage/Civil Unions

Marriage also requires a lawyer, our job is not always bad. We also do prenuptial agreements and marriage registrations. Get your first consultation about the topic free just by requesting an appointment.

Adoption & Surrogacy

We don’t keep couples waiting to get this joy. We make easy and fast adoption or surrogacy agreements where we understand the requirements of both parties and find a middle ground for happiness.

Property settlements

Another most common type of case that comes to us, this is a fairly easy process and we make sure that minimum damage is done to their relationship before and after the settlement.

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We have an excellent track record, where we take cases and help you get the best treatment possible from us as well as others.

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We are very transparent about our fee structure and demand no less or more from different clients. Get your free consultation and ask the consultant about this.

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We do not turn a blind eye after your case is settled, we are always available at your service. Just call our customer service we can help you if you have doubts.

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Skills for a successful career in law

Law Interview

At the start of any career, you’re sure to face a lot of challenges. But then, you remember why you had started – because you knew you had the required skills to fulfill what your chosen career would put forth. The same applies to a career in law – you have to possess a specific skill set to make sure you have a blazing career in law. Here are a few skills which you would require, read up! Work on them if you don’t have them and if you have them, work on improving them!


  1. Excellent communication skills:
    You may have the best point in the world to pitch in as an argument, but it’s not going to be of any use unless you put it forth effectively. At times, people have profound knowledge about their subject but lack in communication skills – so if you know you’re weak at it, start putting in efforts since the very beginning, as communication is the key in a successful law career.
  2. A good hold over English:
    You don’t need to be excellent, but yes, good enough. Your writing skills should be polished to the extent where you won’t commit any spelling or grammatical errors in your write-ups or legal documents. Read a lot, not necessarily law related books, but also a whole lot of other books where your vocabulary will build up rapidly.
  3. Analytical and logical reasoning:
    That’s all what law is about – analyzing a situation and bringing in the most logical solution to it. While quite a few are blessed with these skills, it is not difficult to develop them. Intern as much as you can while studying law, it will help you gain an overall practical view, and that’s required to draw logical solutions to the legal cases in hand.
  4. Techno-savvy:
    The world of law too, has worked a lot to incorporate technology in their field. While the field is no longer restricted to thick books and written documents, you too, need to be up to date with these technological enhancements which will help you a great deal in your future career in law. Keep in touch with new changes being introduced as these are great time-savers and will be very useful to keep up efficiency.

BCU Law Students

Are you ready with your skill set? It’s not easy out there, in the legal field, but yes, you can cut through the competition if you have the required skills very easily! Work on them and watch the results!